Transforming on-site customer engagement

Discover how your digital data maturity measures up against that of other retail organizations, plan your progress and move up the scale.

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Are you focused on customer acquisition and experience? Visit the Google/BCG Digital Maturity Tool to see where your business sits on the path to full data-driven marketing and attribution.
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Accelerating your business with digital transformation through data

Across your business, there are a multitude of opportunities to drive value by using data to improve the user experience, enhance core sales activities and engage in emerging monetization opportunities.

Your roadmap to data maturity

The Data Maturity Benchmark is a diagnostic tool based on our study with Deloitte of how retailers leverage data to drive engagement and monetization across their digital properties.

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First, it analyzes where your business sits on the path to full data maturity.
Then, it generates a personalized interactive report to help you level up.

How it works

Find out where your retail organization is on the data maturity scale

  • Nascent

    Organizations at this stage have the basic tools, but they often face cultural challenges to truly embracing data-supported decision-making.
  • Developing

    These organizations are able to drive value from data in some pockets of their business. Leadership recognizes data as a priority, but is unclear on how to unlock the best returns.
  • Mature

    Data-informed decision making is the standard across much of the business. While the technology and tools support various use cases, they are mostly on a project basis and not business as usual.
  • Leading

    These organizations see data as an integral part of achieving their strategic objectives. They experiment with innovative, data-oriented projects and technologies that help drive the industry forward.

Use these insights to identify where you need to develop to drive your organization to the next level

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Start the assessment now

This assessment takes around 10 minutes to complete.

* For the purpose of this study, “data” is defined as user data that encompasses first-, second-, and third-party data collected on user characteristics (such as location and demographic), user engagement (such as page views and click-through rates) and transaction history (as it pertains to paying for content or other ancillary products and services). The use of data is under the assumption that retailers and their technology providers have received consent from users as defined by local policies and regulations.
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